Squirrel is a female border collie and the main character of A Dog's Life.


Squirrel is the daughter of Stream and the sister of Bone. She is first seen on the Marrains' house in the wheelbarrow. When Stream goes missing, her and Bone meet Mathias; a young Marrian boy who likes to spend most of his time reading books. He feeds them chicken and gains a close bond with Squirrel, but is almost aways avioded by Bone. When Bone grows tired of living in the garden shed, he trots off in the distance with Squirrel at his heels. When they are walking along side the road, a couple named Marcy and George take them to their house but can't handle the responsibility of raising two stray pupies. After that, Bone is adopted by an unfamiliar person known to Squirrel. She never sees her brother again.

Squirrel notices another dog that looks like Bone, but it's a female. She becomes friends with the dog and finds that her name is Moon and becoms her traveling companion. Later on, in the chapter called 'THE FIGHT', Squirrel is attacked by the biggest dogs and notices that Moon is the smallest dog there. Toward the end of the battle, Squirrel chases the pack leader away with his pack of mangy dogs by his side. Soon after, the two she-dogs come to a town called Claremont and are fed hamburgers but then are fed kibbles and bets by two girls. Later on, Moon and Squirrel are chasing squirrels across a street and are hit by a car. Squirrel has a cut on her shoulder, glances behind her and notices that Moon is completely still. Dr. Roth confirms that Moon died instantly after being hit by the van. The people who hit them adopt Squirrel and named her Daisy. She feels often alone while being left in the garage all day and night. She decides to 'move on' and keep walkig and continue her life as a stray. She is then invited into a 9? year old woman and akes the offer. She is named Addie and lives with the woman, who she finds out is called Susan McGrath.


Father: Unkown terrier

Mother: Stream

Brothers: Bone, Unkown Runt

Sisters: Two Unkown She-pups

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