Moon is first seen on the side of the highway close to Squirrel. They become good friends and traveling partners. Later on, in the chapter called THE FIGHT, Moon is the smallest dog fighting the hungry stray dogs. But she manages to kick them off of her and scare them away. After that, Moon and Squirrel arrive to a town in the Fall called Claremont. The two dogs are fed hamburger by two girls who switch their diet to dog food. Later, Moon is crossing the street with Squirrel and gets hit by a van. Squirrel lived, but Moon dies instantly after the van hit her. Squirrel and Moon were taken to the vet and it's revealed that Moon died as soon as the van hit her. Doctor Roth takes Moon away and is not seen again in the book. But Squirrel mentions her throughout parts of the novel.


None KnownEdit

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